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Nolan Barry

I am an experimental filmmaker and artist making work focused around ideas of perception, the human experience, and understanding reality through a playful, simplified lens. I live in Chicago, Illinois, and am currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I work on 16mm with an aim to capture light in a way that is true to the phenomenon of reflection. My work utilizes the unique opportunity provided by the physicality of film to harness and distort light. Living in a digitized and internet-based society, I turn to film as a medium to capture, archive, and replicate the light of a specific moment in time and space. The drawings I make simplify form, space, and color, creating a playful impression of the world through a lens of simplicity. 

In my life I find the greatest comfort through play and experimentation. Toys are the objects in which we can project our imaginative fantasies, extending a physical object to the facade of something alive. The ability to personify an object is the ability to build worlds within worlds, and break through any limitations of reality.